The History of Travertino Romano since 1939

Some sources affirm that in the Baroque epoch, Gian Lorenzo Bernini sojourned in the new hamlet, in the place “you/he/she was her” (Guidonia) where the best Travertino Romano selected, for the realization of famous works all over the world, among the most important the Colonnade of St. Pietro. Still today, near our caves what can be admired it stays of that ancient structure and the same travertino that you/he/she is used by architects of the whole world. One of the most modern realizations have been the plaza of St. Silvestre in Rome.

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Our society of Travertino Romano

zone estrattive travertino romano

The Travertino Romano

lavorazioe e trasporto travertino romano
segherie di lastre e blocchi di travertino romano caucci

Sawmills of Plates and Blocks of Travertino Romano

segherie di lastre e blocchi di travertino romano caucci
blocchi e segherie travertino romano caucci

Historical and Material realizations of Travertino Romano

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Opere storiche di travertino romano